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Wah Welcome to the wah wah pond. The notes are actually modulations of a single recording. Java.
Stab Stab the ex-husband page. A design I made for a divorce law firm. Remarkably, it seems nearly impossible to close this window without closing the browser. Java.
Tet Tetris. Too bad you needed a P3/600 in order to play it. Never was terribly popular with the early internet crowd. Java.
Videos A bunch of videos of the kids, including the squash trilogy (on Youtube)
Jeopardy Jeopardy program used at NJACEP 2006-8. VB.NET



A violence-free game for Purim (with apologies to Space invaders and SpaceBlitz). VB.NET
Math Racer Educational math-racing game. Earn army ranks and unlock new vehicles. Algebra. PHP

Math Puzzle Very simple math matching game, made for Zachary (age 6). VB
Word Games Using a big word list, easily solve Boggle and TextTwist games. Now with SOWPODS dictionary.